Congratulations Mihail!

This week our PhD candidate Mihail Todorov became Dr. Todorov with the successful defense of his Thesis. Mike’s project focused on tissue clearing and labeling of blood vessels which culminated in the VesSAP platform which can be used for blood vessel segmentation of imaging data – from lightsheet and confocal data to 2-photon scans and angiography. You can read all about VesSAP and its use here which was published in March of this year in collaboration with Bjoern Menze.

Due to the coronavirus restrictions Mike was the first PhD candidate at iTERM to complete a virtual defense over Zoom. This public platform allowed 64 people to join and support him during this defense. Afterwards he received a hand-made graduation cap to celebrate.

When asked about his experience doing a PhD at iTERM he had this to say:

“I enjoyed climbing the mountain”

– Dr. Mihail Todorov, 2020