Welcoming new members

This week we welcome our new members that have joined us in recent months. We are lucky to be joined by a new Scientific Manager, PhD student and Masters student. Between the three of them we’re expanding our team to bring the best of the international community together under the iTERM banner.

Our new Scientific Manager is Dr. Suheda Erener who has a vast amount of experience from global institutions including the University of Zurich where she worked on genetic and epigenetic mechanisms of inflammation, University of British Columbia in Vancouver where she worked on developing cell therapies and biomarkers for diabetes and has previously been a project leader here at Helmholtz Zentrum München. Her knowledge and experience working with the pharmaceutical industry will no doubt be a valuable addition to the iTERM team.

Our new PhD student is Mayar Ali from Cairo. She’s completed her Master’s in Computation Neuroscience at the Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience in Berlin. Her experience is combining neuroimaging with deep learning and with her PhD she’ll be expanding her skillset into applying deep learning to proteomics.

Our new Masters student is Louiza Ignatiou from Cyprus who is completing her Master’s in Regenerative Medicine and Technology at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. She’ll be working on establishing Liver organoids within the lab along with developing multiplex labelling on cleared tissue.

You can check out our entire team on the team page