Below are some of the selected publications, in which independent authors used 3DISCO tissue clearing method and published results:

Liu, Z., Gerner, M.Y., Van Panhuys, N., Levine, A.G., Rudensky, A.Y., and Germain, R.N. (2015). Immune homeostasis enforced by co-localized effector and regulatory T cells. Nature

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D Lafkas, A Shelton, C Chiu, G de Leon Boenig et al. (2015) Therapeutic antibodies reveal Notch control of transdifferentiation in the adult lung. Nature


Here are some of the comments on 3DISCO method by independet publications: 

3DISCO represents, to date, the most complete elucidation of a clearing method across different tissues”. 

Yang, B., Treweek, J.B., Kulkarni, R.P., Deverman, B.E., Chen, C.K., Lubeck, E., Shah, S., Cai, L., and Gradinaru, V. (2014). Single-cell phenotyping within transparent intact tissue through whole-body clearing. Cell 158, 945-958. 


"We also evaluated the recently published clearing methods for their ability to support robust and rapid immunolab- eling of a range of antigens. Table S1 lists strengths and limita- tions of each method for that purpose, as assessed in our hands. That analysis led us to focus on 3DISCO (3D imaging of solvent- cleared organs) (Ertürk et al., 2012a) because it is rapid, simple, and provides excellent clearing that is compatible with immuno- labeling (Table S1)." "In our hands, it (3DISCO) provides clearing that is as good or better than that of other methods we tested, and it is also extremely rapid (1 day), inexpensive, and very easy to implement (Table S1)."

Renier, N., Wu, Z., Simon, D.J., Yang, J., Ariel, P., and Tessier-Lavigne, M. (2014). iDISCO: a simple, rapid method to immunolabel large tissue samples for volume imaging. Cell 159, 896-910.


"Novel clearing techniques have revolutionized three-dimensional confocal imaging of the brain without the need for physical tissue sectioning. We evaluated three clearing methods, ScaleA2, ClearT2, and 3DISCO for visualizing native and tissue engineered muscle by confocal microscopy...3DISCO treatment preserved both endogenous GFP and immunohistochemical staining, and permitted significantly deeper imaging. Clearing time for the 3DISCO procedure is short compared to ScaleA2 and ClearT2. We suggest that 3DISCO is the preferable clearing method for native and tissue engi- neered skeletal muscle tissue."

Decroix, L., Van Muylder, V., Desender, L., Sampaolesi, M., and Thorrez, L. (2015). Tissue clearing for confocal imaging of native and bio-artificial skeletal muscle. Biotechnic & histochemistry


"According to the criteria of time, quality of clearing, tissue expansion and cost, 3DISCO is an excellent clearing method for our purpose... In our hands, this is a highly reproducible, rapid, inexpensive, and straightforward method."

Launay, P.S., Godefroy, D., Khabou, H., Rostene, W., Sahel, J.A., Baudouin, C., Melik Parsadaniantz, S., and Reaux-Le Goazigo, A. (2015). Combined 3DISCO clearing method, retrograde tracer and ultramicroscopy to map corneal neurons in a whole adult mouse trigeminal ganglion. Experimental eye research.